Objective New York Hosts Fashion Presentation for Fall 2016

NEW YORK, United States - As we're in the age of entrepreneurship, many are beginning to see the opportunities that fashion can provide. Parson's graduate. Curtis Bryant foresees the success of young black designers and grants them the space to present their convictions of fashion to the world.  At the pivotal age of 27, he used his vision to fill the void with Objective New York, an independently curated fashion event.  With photography, and a published book under his belt, who would've thought that fashion would be the next monster he'd tackle?


Tell me about the fire behind Objective?

I was inspired to create Objective two years ago, after a long ass day of working at my school's computer lab. I literally had spent about 8-10 hours at the Parsons computer lab that day. Some of my friends were there working as well. Eventually, I needed a break ASAP and Mia Wright Ross one of the designers featured in Objective and myself went for a walk.

At the time I think my friend Mia was reworking her website and we were randomly discussing how cool it would be to put on a presentation. My Virgo moon turned on and I started having all these ideas. I wanted my friends to have a platform to show off their work and I knew the only way to get them to create faster was if they were pressured. The first Objective I curated featured Sergio Wonder, Mia Wright Ross and Phillip Michael. Their collections were created in about 3 months. And the rest is history.

"Objective is the stage that so many talented people are afraid to step onto. It is the solution to doubt and insecurity that many creatives deal with."

You had a marvelous turn out this year. As a curator, How did you feel about such an accomplishment?

The number of people we get to show up each show is always humbling. I really never know how many people to expect. The designers and myself of course promote as much as possible but considering we don't use a RSVP system, we leave the actual number people coming to the universe. But who wouldn't want to support young black adults doing positive things with themselves? This year we had a lot of family in the audience and that really was touching to me. I myself being a creative had to defend my artistic lifestyle for years and on that day, my mom and sister and some family friends really saw what I'm made of.

Do you think the art of fashion is still powerful in 2016?

Let be honest and just start by saying that I don't care about fashion as much people would assume I do. What I do value is form, function and aesthetic. These are three things that are important in any form of art. From what I do see on social media, fashion isn't really breathtaking these days but I will say that I think fashion designers are listening to their audiences more. A lot of collections now seem to promote pure comfort (meaning easy to get in and out of) and they also give you just enough "swag". Swag referring to chosen prints, the way a shirt or dress is cut and color schemes of course.There's also this movement of the body-con dress that has a lot of women loving their bodies and skin tones. Body-con dresses are the true definition of form, function and aesthetic (lol).

If Objective were the solution to a problem, what would it be?

Objective is the stage that so many talented people are afraid to step onto. It is the solution to doubt and insecurity that many creatives deal with.

Who are you most moved by?

My friends (they count as one person), my dad, God, and... Myself in all my dysfunctional glory.

What's next for Objective?

It's just gonna get bigger and better honestly. New Venues, new designers and new aesthetics. 

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Photos by Jerry Jones. 

Curtis Bryant wears Striped Hooded Parka Jacket & 3 Pocket Tunic