Sergio Wonder Presents with Objective NY

In May 2016, I presented my Fall 2016 menswear capsule at Objective NYC's second annual fashion event. My goal was to offer a refreshing take on contemporary sportswear for the minimal nomad. Featuring fresh faces like Myles Campbell, Deiondre Smith, Alex Oko-Osi, & Ki Akeem, it's pretty clear which market i'm interested in catering to and why.  Needless to say that the icing for this particular vision was the Marcus Branch appearance throughout the in show as he seemingly serves as the unspoken style ambassador for the brand. (In case you missed it, Branch also stunningly modeled in the spring 2016 capsule campaign.) 

I presented alongside Phillip Michael, MWR Collection, Bobby Day, and a handful of noteworthy designers.  

As the Brooklyn based designer strives to attain his rendition of the American dream, I'm continuing to pushthe unique concept of excellence of men's fashion.