TBT: Andre L. Perry Captures Magic With New Book.

BROOKLYN, NY  -  In July of 2015, some friends and I were at a rooftop party hosted by Open Space Studios , a collaborative pop up founded by Sasha Payton and Folasade Adeoso. As per usual, the summer vibes were warmly superb for a space full of stylish innovators and creatives on the hustle.  Although I'd previously followed his work for some time, it was then that I'd finally met brooklyn based lifestyle photographer Andre L. Perry

Widely received and praised for his skill, Perry seems to specialize in capturing magic in real time. Here, Courntey Moore, Curtis Bryant, Tracee Owo and I are seen taking an ussie that would later be used in Happy Black People Vol:1, published just last month. "I'm working with Travel Noire again and now with Russell Simmons Rush Card." he exerts when asked what's next on his plate. Perry was also eager to share that he'll be travelling through Cuba, Brazil, Bermuda, Italy, and Durban thanks to his profession,"I've been grinding and it's finally paying off!!" It's an honor to be featured in body of work that promotes such a phenomenal quality of life.