Sergio Wonder's Jumpsuit Makes ELLE's "Best Street Style From AfroPunk 2016"

Photo of  Yinka Paris, Charles Johnson,  &  Curtis Bryant  taken by  Tyler Joe (2016)

Photo of Yinka Paris, Charles Johnson, & Curtis Bryant taken by Tyler Joe (2016)

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - Very few of us get to enjoy such a unique experience like Afropunk. The movement alone encourages a wonderful mix of self-expression, respect, and positive vibes. For some it's a chance to exercise the extremities of their style, but for most, it's just another event that makes them feel at home. Thankfully, the organization has begun to spread it's wings reaching to Atlanta, Paris and now London. 

This year Curtis Bryant, who is no stranger to wearing Sergio Wonder threads at the music fest, commissioned me for a custom design. Being that Bryant is a friend of mine, I know his taste very well and who better to test the waters of drama with than he. Twenty-two glorious hours later, we had a perfect jumpsuit for Afropunk.

A special thanks to Nikki Ogunnaike and Tyler Joe from Elle Magazine for featuring my work on their list of "Best Street Style of Afropunk"Bryant is seen here with friends wearing striped wide legged jumpsuit and denim handkerchief.