Men's Exclusive : Scott Camaran by Sinem Yacizi+-

NEW YORK, United States  -  When you're selling a fantasy, particularly in menswear, I find that fashion tells the story of a boy, strong in demeanor, but has reached his point of vulnerability. It's an oddly interesting image to read for the sake of self representation. Even though the market might push for fashion basics, those that set the trend are always searching for much more. 

As the stylist on set with model Scott Cameran, working alongside Sinem Yacizi taught me more about the emotion that must be captured in fashion. Which is why the turkish fashion photographer is so keen on telling a story with her craft. "What's a story without empathy?" she questions. 

When a close friend on set asked "Aren't you working on a denim collection?" ,it was clear that my personal convictions that I tend to keep tucked away was somehow navigating it's way into my professional work. Maybe I should've been covered in embarrassment, but I surely took pride in coming to the realization that the creative consistencies I was taking the time to develop, were finally showing face.

Below are the photos from my shoot with Scott & Sinem. 

Photos by Sinem Yacizi 

Model Scott Camaran wears a full look from Sergio Wonder's Fall 2016 collection on page 3. A plaid trouser from Fall 2016 on page 4. A custom emerald tuxedo pant on page 5. 

Styling by Sergio Wonder