Singer Davi Akei Talks "Authentic Soul" Album

Photographer: TJ Jones. Stylist: Sergio Wonder (2017)

Photographer: TJ Jones. Stylist: Sergio Wonder (2017)

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - I've recently been spending some time working as a Styling Director on a project with Soul artist Davi Akei (Dah-vee  Ah-kee) who released his latest single "Distance" earlier this month. It's certainly been an eyeopening journey returning to the world of a musician and experiencing his rigorous approach to achievement first hand. With the debut of his first mainstream EP "Authentic Soul"  set to release this March, filming a docuseries in association with HustleAndNap , and taking the time to give back to the young black creatives, he seems to be on the right path to making a big difference for the new world. I sat down with the Chicago native after styling the 6th look for his cover shoot, just to get a tighter grasp of his musical mission.

SW:  Is music a choice or a consequence for you? 

DA: I think it's a consequence of my gifts. It's a companion for life that I'd would just do anything for? Thats  how warmly I feel towards music. My life has soundtrack because I'm always listening to or creating it so this is me sharing my gift with the world.  

SW: You mentioned in your docuseries that "music is always working for you", how is that?

DA: I mean, in the sense that it's never off. It's me wanting to learn another instrument, to write another song, which would normally require me to be extremely sensitive to life and it's humor or whatever. I feel like music and I have a partnership and that's why I think it works for me and not against me. 

SW: What are the things that trigger you to write music?

Those pins in life that add to the bigger picture of course are a huge contribution. As an artist, having to tap into those memories and raw emotions are important for me to hold onto if I really want to convey that in my voice or the way I deliver a message. 

SW: Have you learned anything new or shocking while recording "Authentic Soul"?

DA: I learned that I can creatively expand in areas where I didn't think to challenge myself before. That writing from different vantage points, I'm able to embrace my diversity. Writing for different artists while still maintaining that authenticity can also be a lot of fun too. I also learned the true importance of teamwork and that you're only as strong as your weakest link. My team has really helped me propel this vision I've had for so long and I'm really grateful for the hard work of those that have been apart of this project. 

SW: What would you consider to be your "Wonder Factor"? 

DA: I think my wonder factor is that my passion for music is vivid, my soul is authentic to the sound and my entire heart is all the way in this. I have the means to speak to the multitude, just to affirm them and their quest for love isn't wrong. I really think my artistry is tough and that's fine. I want to get people to get back to feeling the truth in music and say "I was just feeling that" or "This is precisely what I'm going through right now" and still be able to see that that good things can still come from those moments when you feel you're at lowest. Experiences and sharing them is what brings us as humans together. We're not living this life by ourselves. 

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