Sergio Wonder Introduces The Menswear Mix

HARLEM, NEW YORK - With intense excitement, we've partnered up with the Trappy Hour team to introduce a mixer that's been long over due. The Menswear Mix will focus mostly on capturing the incredibly diverse men of style while promoting the and enjoying the bounce that usually floods the air. 

"I just wanted to have fun," says Ellie Owen, brains behind the Trappy Hour and Pas Le Mode, "until it became a thing." You won't really understand what the "thing" is until you find yourself in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by the most beautiful people in Harlem. 

The Menswear Mix will be held air Harlem Nights where DJ Kenneth Kyrell will be spinning and TJ Jones with Hustle & Nap will be filming his documentary on the rise of black menswear designers. Sergio Wonder also will be serving 5 signature cocktails and handing out free gift sets.