Though I’m innately drawn to anything dealing with the creative worlds, for the last few months I’d been struggling with finding meaningful inspiration that wasn’t directly related to fashion. Of course - it sounds a bit ridiculous when you living in the belly of that beautiful beast, nonetheless, I

It wasn't until last week, I met up for dinner at Melba’s in Harlem with some close friends that I’d decided I wanted to make a change that was small enough in effort for me make but big enough for me to see on a daily scale. At that moment in time - it was super easy for me to say “I need to get me an emotional support animal”, but the more I thought (as a Libra), as much as I’d adore having a Black Doberdane running towards me everyday that I come home work , plugging a dog into my life right now didn't sounds like the best move.

Moments later - decision made! My apartment desperately needed some plants and thanks to my “Pour la Maison” board on Pinterest, picking out the kinds I needed, where I’d place them, and how was effortless. Today, I’m oddly excited to proclaim that I’m officially PLANT BAESED and the proud father of Chloe Reese (Gardenia), Marcus (Fern), Whiney (Philodendron), Fitzroy aka “Fizzy” (Snake Plant), and Bruce (Aloe Vera).

/plant baesd/ noun - 1. a man or woman who is bae material and happens to mother/father any trees, shrubs, herbs, grass, ferns, and/or mosses.

2. also can be referred to a bae that frequently visits or owns a Green House, Botanical Garden, and/or farm.

3. also can be referred to a bae that is vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based, but not required to hold the title.

Definiting inspired by Curtis Bryant’s 2015 release HOLY BAEBLE.

Although it was harder for me to come to the terms that I might’ve been battling depression Since welcoming these stunning babies into my home, I’m a bit more eager r to get out of be

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